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Blackfin Debt is a subsidiary of Blackfin Group Holdings. Blackfin Debt is SA’s leading debt counselling company.

We have assisted more than 68 000 happy clients nationwide with expert advice and helping our clients follow the correct process to become debt free & regain their financial freedom. We have saved our clients in excess of R186 000 000 in interest and fees. You could qualify to have up to 60% reduced on your monthly debt repayments.

Debt counselling is commonly a process that is used to help individual with debt settlement through education, budgeting and the use of a variety of tools with the goal to reduce and ultimately eliminate debt.

Debt counseling is most often done by Credit counseling consultancy’s that are licensed and regulated by the NCR (National Credit Regulator) in South Africa by contract to act on behalf of the debtor to negotiate with creditors to resolve debt that is beyond a debtor’s ability to pay.

Protect your assets and regain your financial well-being by partnering with SA’s leading debt solutions provider

Immediate financial relief

Monthly debt reduced

Legal protection

South Africa’s current population - 52.6 Million people

72.6% of who are over indebted
27.4% of South Africans can afford to live comfortably

Benefits of a Debt Review

  • Pay only what you can afford, with one single monthly payment to all your creditors
  • Immediate financial relief
  • Reduced monthly debt repayment
  • Free up cash every month
  • Protection against legal action by any creditors

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Professional service by qualified & friendly staff

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success rate

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in court on your behalf by

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How it works

The National Credit Act formally introduced Debt Counselling to assist over-indebted consumers like yourself by developing a repayment plan, which is affordable to you as well as acceptable to all your Credit Providers.

This process is intended to assist consumers struggling with debt; through budget advice, negotiation with Credit Providers for reduced payments and the restructuring of debts.

Our process is 100% voluntary & confidential

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