Blackfin Debt is a subsidiary of Blackfin Group Holdings. Blackfin Debt is SA’s leading debt counselling consultancy. At Blackfin Group we believe that everyone needs a second chance. Millions of South African’s are over indebted and finding it extremely difficult to make it through the month. It is extremely sad to see South African consumers having their home’s and other assets repossessed due to non-payment or falling behind on paying their monthly credit obligations. We pride ourselves on excellence and providing quality after care service to our clients.

Our clients & employees have always been the heart & soul of our business. We are licensed & regulated by the NRC (National Credit Regulator) in South Africa License Number 1883 to assist and advise consumers who are struggling financially and paving a stress free restructured payment plan for our clients and legally protecting them.


  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism

We have developed strategic partnerships with our affiliates to ensure that our clients are exposed to only the best solutions available.

Our key focus is to provide our clients with service excellence on their financial planning and financial assistance needs.

We have protected 0 + families
Saving our clients in excess of R 0 + on interest and fees

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